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ILM is a customized leather production company which also creates private label leather products. As personal label leather maker, we use designers, based brands, start-ups and boutique owners because of their production partners. If you’re interested in finding a trustworthy, quality leather maker for business and lifestyle leather products under your name, then we could assist you to determine your presence and expand your assortment from the leather goods market.

ILM is a habit embossed leather maker and also we have the access to a vast assortment of leather products where we’ll engrave your brand emblem as YOUR LOGO IS OUR SPECIALITY. As a personal label leather maker, the following is your list of leather goods which people make under the personal label :–

Private Label Leather Goods - Indian Leather Manufacturer

Private label leather products would be the most suitable choice for companies that are looking to produce their leather brand glow as it saves you time and cost of buying raw materials, preparing a mill and the other day to day production expenses. As a personal label leather maker, we’ll do all of the heavy lifting work for you enjoy designing, manufacturing leather goods and custom leather packaging, and you’ll be delighted to select us. Our private label leather products are manufactured by our artisans that attentively operate on each little region and achieve complete appearance and fashion.

Custom Embossed Leather - Indian Leather Manufacturer
Private Label Leather Manufacturer - Indian Leather Manufacturer

private label leather laser engraving

Cosmetic laser engraving is electronic tactics to emboss a symbol or design on any leather thing made from leather. Having a customized machine for leather laser engraving, we can easily produce custom engraved leather merchandise. In ILM, all custom embossed leather products made by us are created from the best leather in a few of the most iconic and long-running tanneries in India. If you would like to launch your personal leather goods brand, there’s no better personal label leather maker than ILM.

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ILM is a custom engraved leather maker therefore we do laser engraving leather merchandise that adds a very distinctive appearance to personalize a product. There’s not any room for mistakes and we are going to deliver what was arranged as we utilize multiple manufacturing procedures to meet expectations. As a customized leather engraving firm, our leather engraving has a exceptional look and texture.

Custom Leather Engraving - - indian leather manufacturers
Custom Engraved Leather - indian leather manufacturers

Leather laser engraving is performed with the assistance of a high-precision laser beam and the laser develops a thin coating of the leather coating. For leather, the result is a dark textured logo or design onto the surface of the leather item. We’re a custom embossed leather maker and we promise that we’ll be precise and punctual within our customized leather engraving work. If you’re considering working with us, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with usso that we may do the job instantly.

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