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ILM is the top-shelf choice for brands and businesses who require a dependable, trustworthy and user obsessed custom leather products manufacturing associate. We are a custom made leather maker, providing the maximum level of dedication and craftsmanship to every brand that operates with us. ILM accepts all custom made leather work, where we personalize the design of goods, leather cloths, cloth linings, hardware, etc.. As custom leather manufacturers, we adore crafting custom leather products and much greater than that we love our clients, making ILM what it’s become now.

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ILM is a customized leather maker or puts simply, a customized leather manufacturer that will turn your thoughts into reality using high-quality leather fabrics. We are India’s top custom leather manufacturer serving both internationally recognized brands and little start-ups, as we could assist your manufacturer, from mass-produced orders into little collections. During our custom-made leatherwork, you can correct our strategy to fit your requirements. In addition, we offer you full-scale custom-made leather production of leather products, even at the lowest minimum amounts.

As a customized made leather manufacturer, we believe that implementation is in precisely the exact same degree as an perfect design. We actively involve our clients in the design stage during custom vinyl working and proceed to every major subject like leather grade, hardware, cost factors, lead time, and whatever else you can imagine. We’re custom leather manufacturers so we constantly concentrate on custom leather products that are created in our custom made leather work store with high-quality leather so our clients can concentrate on their organization. We utilize many customized leather production procedures during our custom-made leatherwork to fulfill high-quality expectations.

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During custom leather functioning, we cooperate with our clients so we interpret their designs into the initial sample. We’re a custom made leather maker and during our substantial expertise in the leather sector give shapes into your thoughts by changing a simple sketch to handmade leather products. Our years of experience in custom leather production let us draw our sketches from the final product. As a customized leather maker, we’re especially proud to offer exquisite handmade goods. We’re the very best custom leather products manufacturer and maintain all manufacturing in house, controlling the process from design to manufacturing.

what makes us different?

ILM is a customized leather goods producer, thus we consistently focus on our client’s brand success. We are aware that the style of merchandise is just one of the most essential measures, which explains the reason we utilize an entire approach for this. We’re custom leather manufacturer that start our work together with the idea and engage our clients before a real product design is made. We fabricate custom leather products to perfection through our artisans that are famous for their enthusiasm for excellence.

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Wide Range of Leather Products

We manufacture up to 100 different types of leather products, each with its own unique properties and beauty.

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Quick Prototyping & Sampling

We work according to buyer needs and design products to provide a quick sample to buyer for fast approval.

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Quality Control Management

Our products are made with absolute care from the best quality leather before being made available to our buyers.

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