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Indian Leather Manufacturer created in 1999, is now among India’s leading producers of leather apparels and accessories for men, women and kids.

Indian Leather Manufacturer is manned by 500+ committed employees across sections, backed by innovative in-house design and design facilities.

The business has 3 advanced manufacturing components, housing the very modern machines to keep up with the fast-paced and vibrant global leather industry. This evaluation is equal to a gold rating in LEED. This mill is the first of its type in the leather market.

Currently, the business is providing its products to over 25 famous USA & European Brands.

Man in a studio creates leather ware
20 + year experience - Indian Leather Manufacturer

years of experience

known brands - Indian Leather Manufacturer

USA & european

3 Manufacturing Units - Indian Leather Manufacturer

state-of-the-art manufacturing


INDIAN LEATHER MANUFACTURER includes a dedicated design studio, wherein a group of designers create new products, treatments and techniques.

Fusion of conventional techniques such as hand padding, hand sewing, knife-cutting, and dip-dyeing with contemporary methods such as laser cutting and embossing makes it prepare a flexible product range.

Aside from its seasonal collections, the organization also works in close association with its customers to come up with customer-specific merchandise range. The provider’s in-house seasonal and customer-specific collections have been showcased in its own showrooms.



leather 100 %

lazercut corset studded belt

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woven bag

leather 100 %

lazercut corset studded belt

leather 100 %

woven bag

leather 100 %


leather 100 %


Direction at ILM is committed to your satisfaction of its clients. the quality products which are delivered in the proper time and In the ideal price will be the paramount focus of the business.

Manufacturing is complemented with strict excellent control at several phases of production. with years of experience, Beginning out from the sourcing of raw material into understanding the natural qualities of leather, cutting, stitching and Finishing procedures, each and each operation in ILM is performed by highly skilled and knowledgeable employees, to Facilitate ease of manufacturing in addition to adherence to the global quality parameters.

Stitching Leather - Indian Leather Manufacturer
Leather Processing - Indian Leather Manufacturer
Assembling Parts - Indian Leather Manufacturer
Stitching Leather - Indian Leather Manufacturer


By virtue of being within this trade for such a long time, the business’s forte is fabricating, in addition to sourcing. ILM functions using a thorough number of covers and skins.

The business has its committed offices manned with a well-informed Quality Control staff in any way of the prime leather sourcing centers across India. This not only eases developing new leather attributes, but also assists the enterprise to maintain a strict excellent control on majority leather manufacturing.

The metallic accessories, particularly, are sourced from China/Hong Kong. So far as zippers are involved, they’re constantly YKK or even customer-specific, whilst leather, liner and a broad selection of accessories used at the end goods are constantly REACH compliant.

Black Leather Woven Pattern - indian leather manufacturers
Silver-Black Woven Leather Pattern - indian leather manufacturers
Black-Brown Woven Leather - indian leather manufacturers
Black-Brown Woven Leather Pattern - indian leather manufacturers
Silver-Black Woven Leather Pattern - indian leather manufacturers
Brown-Silver Woven Leather Pattern - indian leather manufacturers

Why Choose Our Firm

Top Quality Leather

Wide range of selection of full-grain and top-grain cow, buffalo, sheep, and goat skin leather from top tannery around the world.

Huge Product Line

We manufacture different product which are made from various speciality leathers, each with its own unique properties and beauty.

Skills & Experience

Our skilled and experienced craftsmen are hungry for challenging projects and are willing to take projects of any size or complexity.

Private Label Manufacturing

We offer private labelling which is the best option because it saves the cost of procuring raw materials and other production costs.

Rigorous Quality Control

Our tiered quality control system ensures process integrity and product conformance with product specifications at all levels.

Custom Manufacturing

We have expertise and experience to manufacture leather products as per specifications provided to fit into customer’s product lines.

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